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  • Rigid Box Lift Off Lid

    Custom rigid box with lift lid

    Packaging box with lid and bottom

    China manufacturer of rectangular gift boxes, our factory can supply you many kinds of rectangular gift boxes, printed boxes, square boxes, round boxes, etc. Print your company logo on rectangle gift boxes from BBP boxes. There are some our rectangular paper boxes for your reference.

    Custom Rigid Box Lift Off Lid

    Gift boxes with lids, also called two piece boxes , one is bottom box and the other is top lid. It is based on the structure of the boxes. This style can use for Jewelry boxes,Hat boxes,Apparel boxes,Wine boxes

    custom two piece boxes,lid and bottom packaging boxes

    divided by Material

    1. Paper boxes with lids , the material is paper , including paper board , cardboard, card paper, corrugated paper.

    2. Metal boxes with lids , the material is metal, including tin, aluminium, cuprum, iron, stainless steel, etc.

    3. Fabric boxes with lids, the material is fabric, including silk, cloth , fabric, flocking, non-weave fabric, etc.

    4. Plastic boxes with lids , the material is plastic, including PVC, PP, PET, EVA, clear plastic, rubber, etc.

    5. Glass boxes with lids, the material is glass, including transparent, light green or other color you interested in.

    divided by Shaped

    1. Round boxes with lids, still called hat boxes with lids , round-shaped bottom boxes, round-shaped top lids

    2. Square boxes with lids, square-shaped bottom boxes with square-shaped top lids

    3. Rectangular boxes with lids , rectangular-shaped bottom boxes with rectangular-shaped top lids

    4. Heart boxes with lids , heart-shaped bottom boxes with heart-shaped top lids

    5. Oval boxes with lids, oval-shaped bottom boxes with oval-shaped top lids

    6. Pentagon boxes with lids , pentagon-shaped bottom boxes with pentagon-shaped top lids

    7. Polygon boxes with lids, polygon-shaped bottom boxes with polygon-shaped top lids

    8. Special boxes with lids , special-shaped bottom boxes with special-shaped top lids, like the Christmas-tree shaped, bear-shaped, rabbit-shaped, flower-shaped, landform-shaped, etc. 

    divided by Size

    1. Small boxes with lids , small size boxes, small bottom boxes with small top lids , or mini boxes with lids

    2. Medium boxes with lids , medium size , medium bottom boxes with medium top lids

    3. Large boxes with lids , large size , large bottom boxes with large top lids

    4. Custom size boxes with lids, custom boxes based on your sizes

    divided by Color

    1. 1 color boxes with lids, like black, white, red, pink, purple,brown,orange, blue, etc. It means the boxes with lids in same one color.

    2. silver hot stamping or golden hot stamping logo on the lids

    divided by Use

    1. Wedding boxes with lids , the box is for wedding party, wedding candy packaging, wedding decorative boxes with lids, wedding card money gift boxes, etc.

    2. Holiday boxes with lids, the box is for holiday, like Christmas boxes with lids, Valentine's Day boxes with lids, etc.

    3. Baby boxes with lids , the box for babies , baby shower boxes with lids, baby toy boxes with lids, baby keepsake boxes with lids, etc.

    4. Storage boxes with lids , the box for storage, storage your goods.

    5. Jewelry boxes with lids, the box for jewellery packaging , necklace, ring, earring , bracelet or other jewellery gift boxes with lids.

    6. Game boxes with lids, the box for game board packaging

    7. Wine boxes with lids, the box for wine bottle packaging , bottom box with lid.

    8. Shoe boxes with lids, the box for shoe packaging

    9. Shipping boxes with lids , the box for shipping, moving , delivery.

    10. Cake boxes with lids, the box for cake packaging , like wedding cake boxes with lids, cupcake boxes with lids, etc.


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