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  • Custom kraft box and Custom kraft bag

    Kraft packaging boxes

    An array of designs, styles, and printing on Kraft Boxes get the attention of customers. Without these wholesale Kraft packaging how you can sell your beauty products on the market, it is almost impossible. There is a huge demand for custom Kraft Boxes on the market. The beauty products manufactured do not have their own resources to make these custom Kraft Boxes. So they have to rely on the companies that prepare and sell these items.


    Kraft boxes are utilized for packaging variety of products; These are used to package food items, Tinctures, Essential oil bottles, Soaps, cakes and gift items. As these boxes are made of brown kraft paperboard which is a recyclable material, Kraft folding cartons are preferred by the number of businesses for it’s eco-friendly features. Packaging Boxes Pro offers cost-effective brown kraft boxes packaging that is designed and printed according to your specific requirements.

    Kraft luxury shopping bags


    Luxury Kraft Paper Bags Luxury printed kraft paper bags are very trendy now. They are the first choice of many global brands. They are nature-friendly and light on your pocket, but they can also help you promoting your brand with an audience of the upper end of the market.

    Our custom printed kraft paper bags are made from quality white or brown kraft paper. Available with different paper thickness, print options, handles and extra features like ribbon bow closure. These bags are a hand finished and are fantastic choice for your business.


    Benefits Of Using Printed Kraft Paper Bags Luxury Paper Bags specialise in a premium quality packaging solution for a variety of sectors. Our luxury kraft paper bags bags are durable and environmentally friendly as they are made of paper from fully sustainable sources and are completely reusable and recyclable. With our Printed Kraft Paper Bags, your business will take part to reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting the environment.

    You can also get custom Black kraft boxes, Custom Kraft corrugated boxes with your artwork, custom rigid boxes, custom sleeve boxes.


    CHINA BBP CO., LTD is a good  China custom paper box supplier and manufacturer. If you have a custom boxes to make, please do not hesitate to give us an email.

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