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  • SBS Paperboard – The Interesting Facts You Would Want to Know

    SBS paperboard box

    When you hear the word ‘packaging’, you might immediately think of the product you are buying. As a customer, we want to receive products that are high-quality and appealing to our eyes. As a brand owner who wants to set milestones in the market, you need to get more attention and generate more sales. This is where you need the right packaging from SBS paperboard. In case you have no idea about this packaging material, there are some interesting facts you would want to know!

    What Is the SBS Paperboard?

    SBS refers to Solid Bleached Sulfate. SBS paperboard is made primarily of hardwood chemical pulp fibers which are bleached and refined.

    Is SBS Paperboard Recyclable?

    This paperboard is typically made by gluing recycled paper to a large material. This type of paperboard is also classified as a premium paperboard grade made from bleached virgin fiber. Its bright white appearance and low stiffness ratio give it flexibility in carton design. You will find the surface to be very smooth, with excellent printability and consistent quality.


    SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate) Paper This paper features a low stiffness ratio to allow more flexibility in carton design and consistent, bright appearance for printing. SBS paper is often coated on one side with Polyethylene for increased barrier properties. SBS will not degrade over time due to being acid-free. This is ideal for displays or premium packaging due to its brightness and appearance with optimal ink hold-out. It is used in a variety of applications, including: Graphics Printing Signage Food packaging Medical packaging

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