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  • Thermoformed tray inside for the packaging boxes

    Thermoformed trays, like plastic insert trays, medical device trays, surgical kits, and dunnage trays, provide retail, medical, and industrial packaging solutions. The versatility of thermoforming makes custom plastic trays ideal for product display, protection, safety, assembly, and transport.


    Thermoformed Plastic Tray Solutions: Retail | Medical | Industrial | Automotive | Electronics Plastic Insert Trays: Organize and protect products for retail display with plastic insert trays. Designed to fit inside a paperboard carton, clear-fold box, sleeve, or set-up box, plastic insert trays offer functional and appealing retail packaging solutions.

    Thermoformed Dunnage Trays: Plastic dunnage trays provide material handling solutions. Stackable, reusable, and robust, custom dunnage trays are designed to yield operational improvements during manufacture and distribution of industrial, automotive, and electronics products.

    A great benefit of thermoformed tray packaging is how customizable it is. No matter what product you need thermoformed tray packaging for, we can create it. We can also create trays for your blister shell packaging or clamshell packaging.

    We offer a variety of materials for the different uses you may need your packaging for. For example, food products have unique packaging specifications.

    You can also get Custom packaging boxes, Custom retail boxes with your artwork, custom rigid boxes, custom sleeve boxes.


    CHINA BBP CO., LTD is a good  China custom paper box supplier and manufacturer. If you have a custom boxes to make, please do not hesitate to give us an email.

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