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  • Custom book style Magnets closure rigid paper box

    We offer the most luxurious magnetic closure rigid boxes with highly premium outlook, perfect sizing, precise shapes and great durability. Give your Customized Book Style Rigid Boxes a touch of sophistication with our out of the box printing and free customization. We offer fastest and free delivery along with most competitive prices. Custom magnetic flap top cardboard gift boxes are also available with a wide range of personalization possibilities.

    Book Style Box is designed to open like a book and provide an elegant way to package a number of products such as books, jewelry, and electronics. We can always customized on the size of the boxes and the windows.


    Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes are never out of demand. Especially when it comes to the packaging of luxury items. The quality magnetic closure rigid packaging should be equally sophisticated and reflect professionalism. Besides being durable, custom magnetic closure rigid boxes are trendy and stylish. They offer a great deal of protection to the precious items inside and add to their value. Magnetic closure rigid boxes are also easy to open and close and it is because of this convenience and simplicity that they are preferred by the retailers. A magnetic lock rigid box with premium finish, precise size and perfect shape can go a long way in inciting action from your customer amidst huge competition between similar products in the market. They can be the one differentiating factor. However, they need to be made with utmost dedication and professionalism so that you get the best value for your money. A badly finished magnetic lock rigid box can prove detrimental for your product’s business. So it is important that you make a learned choice while selecting your custom hinged lid magnetic rigid boxes partner.

    Magnetic closure rigid boxes offer the best protection for your luxurious products. Secondly, the magnetic closure ensures exceptional protection from damage. Are you looking for a packaging box with an elegant outlook and magnetic closure, Contact us now and allow us to aid you with the best and most preferable packaging boxes.

    Brand your Products with Magnetic Closure Boxes Branding and marketing are new norms in the current world where competing with others is possible only when you convince your customers differently. With our magnetic closure rigid boxes, BBP Packaging ensures your customers inspire by your products even before they start using them.

    You can also get custom book style foldable rigid paper box, Custom collapsible rigid boxes with your artwork, custom rigid boxes, custom sleeve boxes.


    CHINA BBP CO., LTD is a good  China custom paper box supplier and manufacturer. If you have a custom boxes to make, please do not hesitate to give us an email.

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