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Rigid Nesting paper boxes with lids

China manufacturer of cardboard storage boxes ! Our factory supply boxes, cardboard boxes, gift boxes, removal boxes, paper storage boxes, packaging boxes and archive boxes, etc.

There are some cardboard storage boxes, paper storage boxes ,small cardboard boxes, decorative storage boxes with lids for your reference.

1. Rigid Nesting Storage boxes with lids (set of 3)

Rigid Nesting papepr boxes with lids

Material : 2 mm rigid cardboard , 157 gsm art paper

Printing : 4 color flower design printing for the bottom box , 1 color printing for the top lid

Size : 4 different sizes rigid storage boxes nested together for one set nesting storage boxes

Structure : bottom box with lid , nesting boxes with lids, nestable storage boxes with lids in flower design, 2 pieces gift boxes .

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